Sustainability & Common Sense

July 21, 2011
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Let’s see: what else can I take on? Thinking. Thinking. That’s it, let me investigate sustainability. Or not, as the case turned out to be. So much has been written, and will be written about this extremely important subject that it makes my head ache just thinking about them. All 95,400,000 items in .18 seconds […]

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Falling: Part One of the Art of a Stubborn Life

April 22, 2011

A few days ago I took a fall. I wished I could say that this was a prelude to a romantic interlude, but no. It was a literal fall. It was a simple move: step up one stair, put a bucket on the porch, swivel to the left, take a step down. Nope. I knew […]

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Daddy Made it: On Baking Bread & other matters of importance

February 2, 2011
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My father came to baking bread late in life. Born in 1920, he was of that generation of men who did not come into the kitchen unless it was to get more beer. Sure there were exceptions: a particularly good cut of venison, or a BBQ. Occasionally as we were growing up, he would have intense […]

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Risk: What I did today

September 16, 2010

Today I saw a man from the back, shuffling. no really–Shuffling across a parking lot. Slightly bent and shuffling. Well, sure, my eyes automatically started to avert. Eww—who wants to be confronted with a) old b) poor c) ugly ??? But I couldn’t avoid him. Our paths were going to bi-sect right at my car, […]

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Rose Petals: smell good, feel good and taste good

June 2, 2010

WOW! Rosewater really comes from roses. I love cosmetics. I really do. I have never seen a Lancome deal that couldn’t seduce me, or an Ulta store that didn’t sing a siren’s song for me. BUT I hate spending the money for things that should be simple and pure. Yes, I am conflicted. One thing […]

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Remembering Pork: bbq, old road trips and “the chinese guy”.

May 31, 2010

I have been thinking a lot about food lately. Real food, fake food and good food. Just food. It’s Memorial Day weekend and most folks consider this to be the start of summer, so lately BBQ food has been coming up a lot. I am a California girl, where it is summer 350 days a […]

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