Musings and General Mahem. That and a nickel will get you coffee.

Musings and General Mahem. That and a nickel will get you coffee.

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Early to Market, Early to Rise, makes you….

Er, not on vacation but up we go to the early morning local market of the type that we like to visit.

DO not imagine your Friday evening Farmers market in Encino or Beverly Hills. Local wet markets have not only produce but meat and fish and whatever else is being eaten for the people that live here.

Local markets are not for the weak of stomach. But they are interesting. This one seems to be for wholesalers and perhaps restaurant owners.

But I digress: we are always these first few days, in search of the perfect noodle soup.I four last trip was the Strudel tour, then this is the Noodle tour.
Or it can be the cat and dog tour–not sure yet. At any rate the perfect noodle soup, well, it’s not here, so we push on to another very small market near the Oriental Hotel. There we find a man and woman cooking in the middle of the fish market: Noodle soup that looks good…we make the appropriate signs and they ‘seat us “ 20 seconds later YUM YUM…noodle soup, fresh &`fragrant and I don’t even ask what kind of “pork” it is…after a few minutes the elderly woman brings us a taste of something else—duck we agree, and smack our collective lips…hard to relate to this kind of eating unless you have done it…yes, a risk but why not? For less than 60 cents our tummies are full ( for now) and we have made a new friends from the smiles of the two cooks.

The rest of this day goes by in a blur ( more to come of that!) We see an exhibit, eat lunch and shop for scarves…Hmmm, is this really the scarf tour? Tomorrow Cambodia.

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